Devious, treacherous, inventive, curious, cruel, and constantly abused by the higher races the Goblins have a difficult relationship with everyone. Late comers to their self-described Empire of the Octopi, the goblins of the Dark Seas hitched rides on trade ships, were brought in as slaves by the Drow, or bought their way across the water as dues paying members of the Merchant Guild.

Seen as "lesser" beings by nearly everyone, the goblins have forged an identity for themselves as a frustratingly dangerous opponent and occasionally useful ally. Masterful traders, goblin shopkeepers and smugglers are some of the most successful in the region. Their livelihoods are in constant jeopardy, however, since any time a new tax is levied it always seems to seek out goblins first and foremost. The hatred that most other races feel for them is a tangible thing.

Before one begins to feel sorry for any goblin, it needs to be noted that they are among the most materialistic and cruel creatures in all of the realm. Their lust for gold reveals them to have virtually no morals or ethics whatsoever, and they seem to delight in the suffering of others, even their own kind.

Notoriously difficult to deal with, goblins, unlike their brutal and often stupid cousins the orcs survive mainly through raw cunning and a scheming intellect. Knowing that they cannot prevail through strength, goblins constantly fight for an "edge" throughout their every waking moment. Transactional in attitude, and never one to engage in a fair fight if it can be avoided, goblins are very deserving of their evil and untrustworthy reputation.

Finally, it is important to remember the goblin love of complicated machinery and chemistry (especially the explosive or dangerous kind). Relentlessly curious and inventive, goblin creations always tend towards things that can maim, kill, disfigure, explode, or generally cause mayhem. However, other races are constantly surprised by some of the quality and creativity that goblin smiths and engineers are able to put together. One almost feels that if they were able to get past their deviant tendencies, goblins could be a significant technological powerhouse. As it is, they remain a secondary option when the price becomes an option.


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