The pre-eminent boat builders of the realm, the alliance between humans and elves made the discovery of the Realm of the Serpent Crown possible for elves.  While the humans explored for profit for their Grand Houses, the elves had a slightly different motivation.

Many thousands of years ago a diaspora of the elves occurred for reasons that are lost to history and in dispute.  Whole families of elves disappeared, many claiming that they sailed away to somewhere on the other side of the wide ocean.  They had never been seen again.

Many elven families still lamented the loss of their ancient relatives and many myths sprung up over the years that these elves had taken something with them.  Something that had been lost to the remaining elven civilization.  The elves combined their ship building prowess with the wealth of the human Grand Houses and accompanied them on their explorations across the great sea.

What they found surprised them.

Instead of a grand civilization waiting for them, they discovered tribes of lost elves living close to nature as hunter/gatherers.  Many elves returned after exploring and meeting the tribes, despairing that their lost relatives were nothing but savages and that the myths were nothing but lies.  Some elves chose to stay, working as artisans, shipbuilders, or merchants.  Some elves still believed in the lost tribes and sought a connection with the wild tribes, searching for something they fervently believed to be there, even if it was not what they originally thought it to be.


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