Slavers.  Sadists.  Dominating narcissists.  Traders.  Conquerers.

The Drow have been a part of the Realm of the Marquis longer than any other race.  They discovered it through long underground exploration through the Underdark that eventually led them to the Isle of Caspiar.  Exploring the surface at night showed them resources to plunder, and they brought in slave armies of orcs and goblins to work the island for resources even though the sunlight cruelly hurt them.

Building up an underground fortress in the extinct volcano in the center of the island, the Drow watched in anger as the elegant ships of the surface elves arrived on their island.  The fighting was intense and inconclusive, but the humans, elves, gnomes, and dwarves refused to leave their island.  Eventually a tentative truce was arrived at and the humans began to build their city.

The trade began to flow and the Drow lords occupying the fortress at the mountain became rich.  The Grand Alliance held, although it was severely tested routinely by both sides.  Profit, however, always seemed to pacify both sides… eventually.

Then the gnomes discovered the real use of Vatrinite, and everything changed.

Suddenly the Drow realized the gigantic wealth they were sitting on and the leverage that created.  The Drow lords began to have ships of their own commissioned, crewed by their slave armies of orcs, allowing them to explore further on the surface than ever before.

To their deep shame, the rich Drow lords of the Realm of the Marquis are still seen as backwards country cousins by their Drow relatives, infuriating them despite all the wealth and power they accumulate.  Their bottomless greed is fired further by their endless disgrace.


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