Toi'lakisthkash (Toy)

Lizardman FIghter


Fighter / Champion / Great Weapon Fighter / Outlander

HP: 36

STR: +4
DEX: +1
CON: +2

Skills: Athletics, Survival, Perception, Animal Handling

  • Great Weapon FIghter: Rerolls damage on 2-handed weapon damage if initial roll is 1 or 2.
  • Second Wind: Can recover d10+4 HP as bonus action. Short or long rest to use again.
  • Action Surge: Extra action. Short or long rest to recuperate.
  • Improved Critical: Weapon attacks score critical on 19 or 20.

Languages: Common (non-fluent), Goblinoid (non-fluent), Lizardman


Toi'lakisthkash (Toy)

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