Dark Seas

The Battle of Drow Cove (pt. 1)
Cannons are the TRUTH

The day dawned brightly, filled with sea birds calling and wheeling over the Hobgoblin encampment and the mighty but wounded Drow frigate just off shore.

The raiding party of the ship [Unnamed] crept through the dense undergrowth, moving as carefully as possible towards the beach and their prize. The night before had been spent in tense planning and open negotiations with all members of the crew, but in the hours just before sunrise a compromise had been hammered out.

Pirate democracy is rarely easy or efficient.

The plan was a daring one and timing was everything. Their scouting had shown the group that there were three strongpoints; the beach encampment, the Drow cave, and the ship itself. The group came to the conclusion that the frigate was the keystone to the entire Drow operation, and that perhaps the dark elves had made an error in separating themselves from their soldiers and their floating HQ. This was a mistake that would be exploited.

Their wild elven allies began the assault by sailing in towards the cove and drawing the attention of those on the frigate who immediately began yelling and firing a cannon intermittently. The hobgoblin warlord appeared from the large central tent. Nearly as tall as a human and armored in heavy chainmail, he unslung a large shield and directed his squads to support the frigate. 15 soldiers and a captain sprang towards the rowboats and began to pile in.

On shore, the secondary distraction force sprang into action with Runa igniting the main tent of the encampment using a fire arrow and Jasper unleashing a hellish lightning strike which destroyed and began to burn the rest of the tents.

As the smoke began to curl into the sky the boarding party was away, sprinting across the beach. Opal called a cloud into being and began to direct deadly lightning strikes squarely upon the squads of Hobgoblins trying to board their rowboats in the light surf of the cove.

The warlord, seeing a new threat which was assaulting his encampment leapt to defend the breach, bringing a squad of soldiers with him. Shock and anger crossed his face as he watched the motley crew of raiders leap over the surf… and continue sprinting across the water! Catching sight of Opal casting spells the warlord and hobgoblin soldiers immediately attacked, but their javelins and crossbow bolts were unable to penetrate the tough lizardman armor she wore. Wade, peeling off from the main group, swept up from behind and killed two hobgoblins before they were even aware he was on the beach.

Things began to break down.

Bolts of lightning started to rain down upon the warlord and his squad of soldiers, shattering their resolve. Sailors began to yell and try to fight the fires spreading through their camp. A squad of hobgoblins, broken by casualties, fell into the surf while their captain tried unsuccessfully to rally the few remaining. The sprinting raiders reached the frigate well before the rowboats of the hobgoblins and boarded the ship, killing the squad of soldiers on board in seconds. Lizardmen materialized from the seaward side of the frigate, completing the raiding party.

The prize had been taken.

In the shouts and celebration which ensues, a lone figure is spotted. FLYING well above the fray, the small dark humanoid shape surveys the battlefield and then flew back into the cave.

The warlord raised his head and watched as the situation rapidly crystalized. What was once an uncertain skirmish was now much more than that; his position was lost. Bellowing orders, he withdrew further into the encampment gathering as many soldiers as possible. Attacks continued to rain upon him from all sides. Arrows and bolts piercing his armor, the warlord suddenly staggered, swaying drunkenly from his wounds. His troops rush in to grab him and as a unit they made for the exit and the relative safety of the Drow cave.

An explosion annihilates the battlefield.

Shattered bodies and shorn limbs catapault  through the air as the group of soldiers and their warlord disintegrate in a spray of sand. The captured Drow frigate, adrift with the outgoing tide fired a deck cannon and scored a direct hit on the retreating soldiers.

There are no apparent survivors.

The fight for control of drifting frigate was short but intense. Finally headway is regained and the large warship heads back towards its calm anchorage… seeking anchors. 

Ward and Runa open the captain's quarter to discover Grimtoke rifling the opulent setting with a manic gleam in his eye, a small pile of expensive goblets and plates already taking shape in the middle of the floor.

A cry goes up from the sailors in the rigging. A single hobgoblin soldier, bloodied and unarmed, has emerged from the Drow cave waving a shred of white cloth on a piece of driftwood.

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