A brave new world was discovered generations ago by enterprising explorers; humans, elves, and gnomes searching for new lands at the end of a massive ocean.  What they found was a land untouched by their civilization and far from tamed.

The aisle of Caspiar was found and settled by these first ships of the alliance, but in short order they realized that they were not alone.  The Drow had found this same landform through their travels in the Underdark and had built an outpost in the remains of a dormant volcano on the land.  Skirmishes were fought, raids went back and forth, but neither side was able to unseat the other.

Finally a tentative Grand Alliance was created to enable trade between the factions.  In the shade of this peace the surface dwellers were able to build and maintain Dragon Port, the grand city of the region and the trading epicenter of the region.  Humans, elves, gnomes, and a few dwarves work together to create the shipping industry that is the lifeblood of the region.  The Drow and their slave armies of Orcs and Goblins make up a huge source of wealth to purchase the goods and finance the expansion of the exploration to the surrounding islands.

The resources to be found in the area are making the brave and the unscrupulous wealthy at a fantastic clip.  Adventurers, thieves, explorers, criminals, and heroes all venture to the Dark Seas in search of a new and prosperous life.  A few of them find the riches and power they seek, but most of them fall prey to the myriad of dangers.  But the allure is relentless and there always seems to be a new ship coming in full of those with nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Dark Seas

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